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"La PLB Muco" is the most important charitable bicyle touring event in Europe. Created in 1992, it attracts 7 000 bicyles lovers every year on our Bretons roads. Thanks to 3 500 volunteers, "PLB Muco" guarantees optimal security all along the tour, and also in the villages on the tour where entertaining activities are organized.

This year, the selected theme is Brittany / Ireland



Several reasons can explain our choice: firstly the celtic bond between the two territories, secondly the important occurrence of the cystic fibrosis gene ("mucoviscidose") in Ireland, thirdly existing scientific collaborators between the two areas, and finally the "party spirit" this event should create.

You will discover four new routes: 145km a cycling competition (with positions) or 145km in bicyle touring without ranking, but also 105, 60 and 20km in bicyle touring.

Like Stephen Roche, sponsor of the 2016 edition, join in the PLB Muco.


Come and visit Central Brittany for a weekend, or stay longer; special travel agencies offer holidays including bicycle trips.

Classified among the fifty most beautiful cycling events in the world by the French magazine "Le cycle", PLB Muco is an event you can't miss. Give your breath on Saturday 25th June to support research on cystic fibrosis.

The PLB Muco is organized by the charity association "La Pierre Le Bigaut, Mucoviscidose". The aim of the charity association is to inform the public, to increase awareness about the disease, and collect founds for research on cystic fibrosis. 680,000€ were raised in 2017, (i.e. about 30% of national research) and 9,662,596€ since 1992. 

We also organize "La Rando Muco", (hicking event), a day in the countryside including trailing, mountain biking, hiking, horsehiking and motorbike riding around Belle-Isle-en-Terre in the last Sunday of April.

On-line enrolment now available

Please note ! A medical certificate or valid sports license are obligatory for enrolment in the cyclosportive race.

Rando Muco

Dimanche 28 Avril 2019
Inscriptions possibles sur place

Langueux Muco

Dimanche 8 Septembre 2019

Inscriptions possibles sur place


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